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Ultra Thin LED Lightbox

Brighten up your advertising and promote your business. Adding light to your displays will increase impact and entice
people to check out your product.

Liquid Dreams Design offers ultra thin lightboxes powered with LED technology.
The slim profile makes these units a perfect fit for any décor! Measuring just .83″ thick, this thin lightbox that highlights advertisements is one of the most elegant-looking light box displays on the market. With tiny LED bulbs built into the sides of the frame, each model illuminates your translucent graphics to create a stunning visual display with no hot or cold spots.

You can easily change your graphics with a “snap-open” border on the frame with minimal effort without removing the front from the wall.
• At just .83″ thick, this is the thinnest lightbox we sell
• Never change your bulb! Lamp/bulb life is over 100,000 hours (when used 24 hours, 7days per week) before anticipated degradation – that’s over 11 years!
• Maintains adequate LUX even in large sizes [36" and up]
• An engraved diffusion pattern distributes light across the panel so that your graphics are slightly brighter in the center
• Distributes light from the edge: No hot and cold spots
• “Snap-open” aluminum frames for easy graphics changes

Lightbox sizes range from:

We also offer outdoor lightboxes